3 PhD Scholarships, Learning Analytics (Sydney)




We are delighted to announce the launch of CIC’s doctoral program in Learning Analytics, offering three UTS Scholarships to begin your research at the start of 2016. 10 Jan 2016 deadline.

CIC’s mission is to invent, evaluate and theorise the design of human-centered data science and learning analytics to advance the UTS Teaching & Learning program. As you will see from our Research Themes and the three PhD topics advertised, a core theme is analytics techniques to nurture in learners the creative, critical, sensemaking qualities needed for lifelong learning, employment and citizenship in a complex, data-saturated society.

While our first priority is the future of learning and teaching, we also anticipate broader applications of the tools we develop, to address data science challenges in other research fields and in UTS business operations.

We invite you to apply for a place if you are committed to working in a transdisciplinary team to invent user-centered analytics tools in close partnership with the UTS staff and students who are our ‘clients’.

Please explore the website so you understand the context in which we work, and the research topics we are supervising. We look forward to hearing why you wish to join CIC, and how your background, skills and aspirations could advance this program.

Source: SBS Blog
Link: 3 PhD Scholarships, Learning Analytics (Sydney)

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