Using Google drive and doctopus for whole-class group and individual tasks

Today's latte, Google Drive.

Today’s latte, Google Drive. By Yuko Honda (CC-By-SA)

I recently ran a class (in our excellent Arguments, Evidence, and Intuition undergrad subject) on finding and manipulating data. As part of that I wanted to:

  1. Demo some sheets functions to import data (importhtml, etc.) and show some shared data
  2. Have each individual student get access to their own copy
  3. Retain access to the files myself so I can (a) help students as they go, (b) get insight into the activity and potentially informally assess it, and (c) use a pre-formatted sheet to get feedback on the session

By sharing a google sheets URL with ‘copy’ in it you can force users to create their own copy of a shared sheet. That option meets needs ‘1’ and ‘2’ above, but it doesn’t meet need ‘3’. Happily, there’s a google drive addon called doctopus that does just that, and more!

Using doctopus you can share a file with a classlist per ‘3’, plus share feedback with them on their work (using a rubric if you want), and view basic metrics like who is editing, who’s adding and replying to comments, etc.  You can also create documents shared with pre-assigned groups (so each group has their own copy), or with the whole class, and you can give different documents to different groups or individuals (to differentiate, or just give a diversity of tasks).

It’s brilliant, with pretty minimal setup you can run activities making use of g’docs, and if (like UTS) your institution has google apps, the login/sharing address is just the institutional UTS one.

One of the features I like – but wish could be easily extended – is the dashboard view of student activity. This lets the instructor(s) know which students have accessed the documents when, how many edits they’ve each made, and whether they’re adding/responding to comments (implying some degree of collaboration, and giving an indication of where there might be comments that need resolving). I’ve written before about collaboration/cooperation data in google docs/etherpad type systems, but doctopus provides a good start.

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Source: SK Blog
Link: Using Google drive and doctopus for whole-class group and individual tasks

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